The Client

A Los Angeles, California Based Company that Uses Molecular Hair Analysis to Customize Products from Hair Data, Scalp Condition, and Lifestyle Factors.


The client sought a firm to create a private lab information management system (LIMS) software and develop custom Shopify themes. Specifically, the client requested a firm with experience in back-end programming languages, advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks, mobile and desktop, server-side languages, database technologies, knowledge of code versioning tools, and an understanding and implementation of security and data protection. 
Solwey met all of these requirements.

The Project: Solwey Consulting developed the client’s software (LIMS) and custom Shopify themes. The founder of the company noted that during the development process,

“All deliverables were provided on time. Bug fixes were resolved promptly. Communication was clear and concise.”

When asked about the project management, the founder said,

“All pushes are in well-defined sprints. Jira is used for ticket and sprint management...Slack for direct communication.”
The Results

The client rated Solwey Consulting with 5 stars for all aspects of the project: scheduling, quality, cost, and Net Promoter Score (NPS). They said,

“After working with Andrew [CEO of Solwey] on this lengthy project, I have recommended him to numerous colleagues for projects both large and small. He started with us from the inception of our idea and carried it through to flawless execution.”

Specifically, the founder noted,

“He's incredibly structured, has immediate response time, perfect communication, and through his years of experience can give feedback on any aspect of your software and business strategy. At the end of the project, he's become more than just a consultant and instead a valued advisor for our company...I hope to continue working with Andrew on new projects throughout the year!”