A Glimpse into Modern Web Design Trends

The year is 2024, and it is clear that the design world has evolved, departing from what we call traditional aesthetics. People are drawn to bright colors, small interactions, and sophisticated animations that prioritize user experience, making web design an important player in establishing meaningful connections and making a lasting impression.

This article aims to provide a basic overview of some of the most popular web design trends in 2024 and beyond. With new technology emerging and a greater emphasis on how users behave and interact, these trends are set to change the way we see and use websites.

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Bento Grids

The concept of Bento Grids or Bento UI isn't groundbreaking; its roots trace back to the invention of Bento boxes in 11th to 13th-century Japan, primarily used by farmers and merchants for portable food transport. However, in the design space, Apple and Microsoft pioneered the popularization of this trend, incorporating it into their product tech sheets.

Initially perceived as a passing aesthetic trend, Bento Grids have proven their staying power, offering more than just visual appeal. Beyond aesthetics, this design pattern efficiently showcases significant information in a condensed space, making it particularly suitable for designing dashboards or mobile applications. Apple's sustained use of Bento Grids in interfaces further underscores its efficacy.

When applied to websites, the Bento pattern allegedly reduces bounce rates on landing pages by captivating users upon page load. This could potentially encourage users to explore additional pages on the site. The pattern also claims to increase the time users spend on specific pages, logical given the density of information within a confined space. However, these benefits are currently speculative, lacking concrete evidence.

An undeniable advantage of Bento Grids is their adaptability to various screen sizes. As the screen size decreases, the pattern can transform into smaller blocks, maintaining its usability across devices. Apple's implementation in the mobile control center is a testament to this adaptability.

Creating Bento Boxes involves breaking designs into smaller grids, allowing for flexibility in arranging different-sized boxes. The ideal use cases for Bento Grids include dashboards, mobile apps, and spaces requiring dense information presentation.

Despite its merits, there's a drawback to the Bento pattern—it challenges content hierarchy. Establishing a clear content hierarchy becomes intricate, posing a potential issue for users seeking prioritized information. Intentional use and thoughtful consideration become crucial when integrating this pattern into user interfaces.

If integrated into websites, it is advisable to use them wisely, perhaps at the top of the page to replace a hero image or in sections where presenting supporting information is beneficial. While the trend's longevity remains uncertain, the growing adoption by companies and its utility in visually constrained environments, such as augmented reality, suggests it might have a lasting impact.

Animation and Motion Graphics in Web Design

The next web design style centers on interactive animation and motion graphics. In 2023, designers are fully immersing themselves in the animation trend, pushing boundaries that were once considered challenging. Previously, creating animations required knowledge of tools like After Effects, but now the demand is surging for animated interfaces across various platforms. As animation becomes more accessible, designers are embracing experimental concepts. Leading designers are crafting innovative elements and interactive features that elevate website engagement.

The magic lies in the ability of animation and motion graphics to transform a website into an interactive and engaging platform. This not only entices users to spend more time exploring but also holds significant importance for SEO. Extended user engagement positively influences search engine recommendations, increasing the visibility of your website to a broader audience.

There are two primary types of animation and motion graphic website designs. First, the interactive approach, where users encounter engaging animations and hover patterns, creating a dynamic user experience. The second involves more subtle motion graphics incorporated as users scroll through the website, adding a touch of sophistication.

This not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the website but also brings it to life. The interactive nature of these elements encourages users to stay longer, fostering an experiential connection. This is a fundamental aspect of website design – breathing life into the digital realm.

However, it's crucial to exercise caution when applying animation and motion graphics. A minimalist and professional approach is key. Overwhelming the user with excessive animations can lead to a chaotic and overwhelming experience. Hence, a strategic and measured use of these elements ensures they enhance rather than distract from the overall user experience.

Embracing AR/VR Trends

Let's delve into another fascinating design trend – the integration of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technologies. This integration marks a significant paradigm shift in UI and web design, offering designers the ability to craft interactive and engaging experiences that blur the boundaries between the digital and physical realms.

AR technology superimposes digital information onto a user's real-world view, elevating the experience by creating an interactive overlay. This has the potential to revolutionize UI/UX design by seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds. VR technologies, on the other hand, immerse users in entirely computer-generated environments, fostering a fully virtual world for exploration.

The incorporation of AR/VR technologies holds immense promise for UI/UX design, providing the opportunity to create highly personalized and immersive experiences. As these technologies continue to mature and become more accessible, we anticipate witnessing innovative and groundbreaking UI designs that push the boundaries of human-computer interaction. The potential impact extends to enhancing user engagement, learning, and productivity, ushering in a new era of interactive and transformative digital interfaces.

Growing Adoption of Dark Mode

Another trend is the increasing popularity of dark mode website design. This style stands out for its practicality, particularly for individuals who are color-blind. Dark mode provides a visually accessible and authentic experience, embracing boldness that piques curiosity and invites further exploration, instilling a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Dark mode particularly suits any site heavily reliant on imagery, photography, design, and development. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend with various content types, offering a perfect canvas for showcasing visual elements. Dark mode consistently stands out, radiating an aesthetic that exudes professionalism and minimalism.

What adds to the allure of dark mode websites is their compatibility with animation, motion graphics, and dark imagery. This compatibility makes them well-suited for platforms emphasizing visual content over textual information. In 2024, the prevalence of dark mode is increasing, especially as websites shift toward a more visual-centric approach.

Storytelling Website Designs

Another trend in website design is the increasing prevalence of storytelling designs, where designers skillfully convey the intended message of companies. Historically, many designers faced challenges aligning their creative vision with the specific messaging corporations sought to communicate. However, a new and trending style is changing this narrative, offering visually appealing and interactive storytelling designs.

Notably, the shift from traditional vertical scrolling to horizontal scrolling enhances the storytelling experience. This format, resembling the pages of a book, provides a seamless narrative flow, akin to flipping through the pages of a well-crafted story. The allure of this storytelling format has captivated designers, fostering anticipation for its continued prevalence in web design.

The horizontal scrolling, combined with visually captivating design elements, creates an engaging user experience that stands out.

Gradients and Glows

An exciting trend that captures attention is the departure from neutral and calm color palettes. The embrace of vibrant colors and gradients, especially with the resurgence of styles like brutalism and neo-brutalism, injects a playful and fun vibe. Gradients seamlessly blend with textures, creating a fresh and enjoyable aesthetic. Additionally, many contemporary websites now incorporate glows, appearing in the background corners, edges, or borders of various elements. These glows, coupled with lighting effects that create depth based on mouse movement, define the visual landscape of 2024.

Moving Away From Flat Design

The question of whether flat design has met its end is a topic that sparks significant debate among content creators. This discourse gained momentum when Reddit, a major social media and community platform, underwent a comprehensive rebranding, transitioning from flat design to a world of 3D and interactivity.

This shift isn't limited to Reddit alone; on Mac OS, both official and third-party icons have embraced a 3D makeover, contributing to a visually engaging landscape.

With the 3D trend gaining considerable momentum, UI elements are naturally following suit. Pseudo-3D elements, including buttons and text forms, are becoming more prevalent. Websites now incorporate depth, employing features like Parallax effects upon hovering, providing an immersive user experience. Additionally, eye-catching gradient buttons give the illusion of popping out of the screen, adding a dynamic and interactive dimension to user interfaces.

The inevitability of trends in the design world is underscored by the impact of influential players like Airbnb, Apple, etc. When a major player introduces something new or different, it quickly becomes a trend as others seek to emulate the success. Making 3D elements has become more accessible, thanks to user-friendly software and a wealth of available knowledge. As the design community embraces this shift, tools like Spline are facilitating the transition to 3D, making it more approachable for creators across the board.


These are a handful of the most prominent web design trends that will shape the industry. Whether it's a website or a mobile application, the year 2024 ushers in a wave of interactive, fun, and colorful experiences. This departure from the serious and corporate to the vibrant and lively marks a significant shift in the design landscape.

Even though these trends sum up the spirit of modern web design, it's important to remember that the field is constantly developing, so more trends might emerge soon. Although the design space is ever-changing and diverse, this overview aims to cover some of the the most popular trends. Keeping up with current trends is going to be crucial for designers who want to make a splash with new user experiences as we go deeper into the digital world.

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