Custom software solutions can have numerous advantages over off-the-shelf software that might not meet your business requirements, or might not integrate well into your existing software. In other words, custom software offer many advantages that your business could leverage.

The 5-Star Management System (powered by Ruby on Rails and React)

One of our clients, a haircare products company, wanted to create a private lab information management system (LIMS). They also needed custom Shopify themes to provide a user-friendly product experience for their customers.

With well-defined sprints and close collaboration with the company, we were able to develop the custom software they needed within a tight schedule. Having dealt with many other custom software projects in the past, we took advantage of our established quality assurance process to detect and fix all the bugs that appeared in the development process.

On Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform, the client left us a review and talked about the engagement:

“All aspects of this project were performed to our high standards.” — CEO, Haircare Company

And that comment comes with a shiny 5-star rating for our services.

Custom eCommerce Store (powered by Shopify)

This excellent feedback was followed by another stellar review from Cadence, a travel container manufacturing company. For Cadence, we developed a Shopify website that had interactive elements and animation. In the end, our superior interface design and flawless development process resulted in amazing user experience. Here is what they said about the product:

“We’ve had amazing feedback on the site’s look and functionality. They’ve (Solwey Consulting) been great at vetting the site for quality before launch, so we haven’t run into problems with bugs either.” — CEO, Cadence

Discovery and Legal Research SaaS Platform (powered by Ruby on Rails and React)

Yet another success story was our collaboration with eDiscovery Assistant. We helped them build and improve upon the existing functionality of the unique SaaS product for lawyers and legal support professionals in the electronic discovery field. Our expertise in building scalable Ruby on Rails platforms coupled with optimizations of the UX/UI allowed them to rapidly scale their userbase and improve user retention rates. Here is how they describe the benefits of working with us:

"Having senior leadership like Solwey Consulting has been phenomenal because they understand those principles. They allow us to take our mind off of the development side and just focus on our product, sales, and marketing, and that peace of mind is worth so much." — CEO, eDiscovery Assistant

Global Recognition

At Solwey Consulting, we leverage world-class technology to provide tailor-made solutions, and we are always eager to share our latest achievements.

Recently, we have been recognized by The Manifest, Clutch’s sister brand, as one of the top 20 e-commerce development firms in Austin, Texas. The Manifest showcases companies across various industries, and we are proud to be one of their best choices.

Another Clutch sister website, Top Design Firms, also ranked us as one of their best picks for e-commerce developers.

We are grateful for how these platforms and our customers appreciate our work, so we are eager to provide better services going forward. If you are curious about our custom software services, drop us a line, and let’s talk!